سئوالات متداول
  • From where the budget of Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation is supplied? Is it affiliated to a governmental organ?

    No, the foundation is a non-governmental, non-political, and people founded organization without depending on any organ. Its budget is supplied from the members’ aids, board of trustees, and people participations.

  • What are the help seekers membership qualifications?

    The foundation helps all the needy people based on the foundation objectives and statute. After observing the required documents, their qualification would be studied by experts. Type and degree of aids are determined after the experts’ confirmation.

  • Does the foundation help the families with bad-guardian?

    Yes, the families that do not have guardian for different reasons such as addiction, divorce, disability, or jail would go under the foundation aegis after the required researches.

  • Is it possible to join the foundation as help seeker or supporter in other cities rather than Tehran?

    Yes, help seekers are admitted only based on their life conditions and it does not differ where they live and what nationality they have. At the present time, some foreign nationals are also under the foundation aegis. Nationality, skin color, and race are not differentiated. Formation idea was the highly motive of helping mankind. Aligned with this, it has been attempted to protect all the needy people based on the statute and regardless of any condition. Dear benefactors could take part in this right action by settling money to the foundation accounts.

  • Has the foundation employed anyone? If yes, how are they paid?

    Yes, the foundation has 15 fixed staffs and about 200 honored personnel, including doctors, nurses, and other individuals collaborating with the foundation.

  • Is it possible to visit the foundation?

    Yes, dear helpers, benefactors, and the ones interested in getting more familiar with the foundation activities could visit the foundation after arranging a time through 00982166431195.

  • How could take the guardianship of a child?

    You could do this by paying at least 10000 toman a month. Depending on the financial afford of the supporter, it could be a higher amount. The respectful benefactors and supporters could get further information through calling the helping unit 0066431102.

  • How could join the foundation as supporter or honored colleague?

    Interested people could go to our adder (supporting us) for the required information.

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