Dastha-ye Mehraban (benign hands) Charity Foundation was established and began working by getting official licenses and the registry number 21674 in 2007 focusing on protecting and empoering women and children without guardian or with bad-guardian. It is a non-governmental, non-political, independent, and people founded organization which acts by highly humanitarian motive to remove deprivation and help needy classes of the society, especially women and children over the country.

Since its establishment, though less than a decade, the foundation has taken effective measures to help the poor respectful people, especially women and children without guardian or with bad-guardian by relying on God and beneficiary supporters. Preserving the help-seekers’ human munificence has always been the main slogan of the foundation staffs.

The Charity Foundation has already undertaken guardianship of over 3100 orphan families and female family guardians. By God’s help and as the consequence of empowerments and taken efforts, about 200 families of them have exited the help-seeking condition.

As usual, it attracts and protects the needy families and sets appropriate conditions for them.

Constructing the clinic Mehraban Safir-e Tab to give medical services to help seekers, giving dowry and marriage facilities, giving educational grant, paying self-employment loans, providing the help-seekers with job opportunities, and protecting particular patients or the disabled is another activity of the foundation.

Receiving the international standard insigne NGO Benchmarking from SGS Company as the most valid quality insigne of the non-governmental organizations is a sign of clear performance and effective activities of the charity foundation at international level

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