Humanitarian sense and philanthropy has always been a virtue of the Iranians and advised a lot by religious instructions.

Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation, relied on the humanitarian fellows, has always attempted to give the aids to the real people in need and work to raise and empower these help-seekers as well as material protection through an appropriate network.

Hence, your aids together with the aids by other benevolent people can always be a key to unlock the locked locks of the needy people’s life. Even very small donations would be helpful. There is a beautiful motive behind each good deed. First, it is seen in the person’s life. Undoubtedly, it brings about a good for him before anyone else.

We thank you for your companionship.

You can donate your cash aids through online payment by clicking on “Now is the time” or pay the donation from the foundation bank account. Nowadays, all the ATMs of Bank-e Dey enjoy the option “Donation to Dastha-ye Mehraban”.

Since the foundation is responsible for replying you on the donations, please be sure to inform the foundation head office (+982166431102) or the related help-seeker or fax the bank bill, with the donor’s exact specifications and telephone number, to the foundation.

Fax No.: +982166425298

The foundation bank account numbers
Bank-e Melat
payable from all the branches of Bank-e Melat
Bank-e Melat
payable from all the branches of Bank-e Melat
Card No. (Bank-e Melat)
payable from all the Shetab Cards
Bank-e keshavarzi
payable from all the branches of Bank-e keshavarzi
Card No. (Bank-e keshavarzi)
payable from all the Shetab Cards
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