Volunteers’ collaboration has always been one of the basic pillars and interests of each charity and popular organ. Basically, it is the attendance of the volunteers which gives meaning to the activities of each NGO organization and helps them continue their lives.

Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation has lived his life through the aid of the volunteers, too.

Volunteers are the ones who carry out some of the foundation activities and help us in development and desirability of offering service to the help-seekers without getting paid.

Each of us enjoys a motive to do good deed and help others. Whatever is this motive, it is admirable. Helping a needy innocent infant or poverty-stricken woman creates the good sense of being a human being and doing a good deed better than anything else. It is this feeling that flows in our life and gives a pleasant meaning, color, and perfume to it.

The foundation wholeheartedly welcomes all the ones interested in volunteer collaboration. Their attendance is the mainstream to convey empathy and sympathy message all over Iran.

For further information about volunteer activities in the foundation, contact us through +982166421129.

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