Though painful, the world does not begin happily for all. There are innocent infants, who have always lacked something in their small infant world, the secure hands of a sympathetic father and the warm hug of a kind loving mother, around us where we may not care a lot. Adding the pain due to not getting their small but impossible wishes to these desires makes them an everlasting grief for these small angels.

The innocent angels are made happy by a caressing hand and the generous and benign aids of the benefactors make them see their dreams attainable. They go to school, learn, and live a healthy life happily.

You could also take part in this good deed and enlighten these innocent orphans’ world by paying their expenses to live.

You can adopt a infant under the foundation aegis and join to the big family of Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation by paying at least 10000 toman monthly.

For further information or visiting the infants, you can call +982166431102 and +982166430474.

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