Dastha-ye Mehraban (benign hands) Charity Foundation will goes forward to achieve the humanity organizational, valid, active, known, authority, accepted, and effective position through relying on God, fortifying the moral principles, and clear performance as a trustee organization for different classes of society at national and international level focusing on the activity standards as an NGO institution has become one of the 10 internationally valid charity institutions which are the trustworthy of the society and benefactors in and out of the country.

Performance of Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation would be among the 5 top charity institutions around the country up to 2021in respect to the approach and importance of the continuous improvement of the organization activities, in giving protective services and the organization statue.

Mission Declaration

It is a non-governmental, non-political, independent, and people-founded organization which acts to remove deprivation, and help needy people, especially women and children, by a highly humanity motive and national humanitarian help.

The foundation attempts to participate to reduce poverty and its causes and remove the earning problems of the needy fellows in Iran through planning in the scope of empowering the deprived, women, and children without guardian or with bad-guardian.

Financial and spiritual protection together with respect to human personality and protecting the human munificence of the help-seekers on one hand and clear performance and accurate responsibility to benefactors and supporters on the other hand are always the objectives of the foundation.

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