Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation is ready to accept goods from benevolent institutions and organizations as well as their cash and financial aids to improve the help-seekers condition. Through its products, service, and specialized power, every economical and specialized agency and institution can accompany and help the foundation in offering better and more appropriate service to the foundation help-seekers.

The institutions and organizations interested in using their services and products to help the foundation provide its help-seekers with more protection can contact with the foundation PR through +982166572970 for further information about the help-seekers’ needs. It is necessary to mention that all the aids of real and artificial (legal) persons to the foundation are considered as acceptable tax expenses.

Furthermore, organizations can take part in holding the celebrations and ceremonies held by the foundation as its supporter.

In addition, we would eagerly welcome your plans, suggestions, or approaches to improve the organizations interaction with the foundation.

We appreciate your humanitarian point of view.

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