Ordering flower wreath and condolence stands to offer condolences and sympathy is another way to help Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation. To express condolences and sympathy, organizations and institutions can pay the expense of flower wreath or basket the foundation and send the ones made by Dastha-ye Mehraban Foundation.

Undoubtedly, it is much more effective than sending a flower basket or a condolence letter and is always remembered thankfully. It could also help promoting the social position of your organization as a benevolent responsible organization.

Furthermore, the flower wreathes could be send to individuals from you and under your name. It is worth mentioning that the flower wreathes are made by the foundation help-seekers themselves and all the obtained income is spent on them.

For further information about ordering flower wreath and stand and how they are delivered, contact with +982166582896.

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