Organizations can buy the cultural products of Dastha-ye Mehraban (benign hands) Charity Foundation to take part in a benevolent affair and help us in providing the help-seekers with more protection as well as meeting their own need.

At the moment, the foundation cultural products include postal cards and calendar.

Sending postal cards or calendars has always been a way to maintain the relation between organizations and addressees. It is important in different occasions. The foundation products can indicate sense of responsibility towards social duties and humanitarian love as well as manifesting your organization message to the addressees. Undoubtedly, this would have a significant effect on the addressees’ mental image of the organization.

The total obtained interests and returns of selling the products would belong to the foundation help-seekers. Click to see the postal cards and the other products.

Contact with the foundation PR to order the products.

Telephone No.: +982166573077

sample of postal cards

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