Dastha-ye Mehraban Charity Foundation believes that it is its duty to help the people in need wherever they are. The Foundation is responsible to protect the ones who expect it to help them.

The first step is that people may get familiar with the Foundation in different ways, including magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and sometimes through the prior help-seekers, or the Foundation personnel or supporters.

The Foundation Helping Unit is obliged to talk with the clients and help-seekers and get aware about their livings and earnings. A preliminary consultation occurs in this stage. If the help-seeker is known as qualified, he or she is asked for the required documents. Authenticity of the documents and the help-seeker’s speech should be confirmed by the neighborhood council and three witnesses.

Then, the Foundation Helping Unit receives the required documents given by the help-seeker and prepares file. In the next stage, a group from the Foundation visits the help-seeker’s home to be sure about his or her speech. Then, the help-seeker would be the member of one of the help-seeking groups by the discretion of the Foundation managing director.

In addition, if the help-seeker is admitted to a group to get pension, his or her account number is asked and the monthly pension is paid. All the help-seekers receive good basket three or four times in a year.

The good basket includes all the family required eating things. The Helping service is not limited to the abovementioned items. Medical treatment card is also issued for them immediately after admission as help-seeker and they can enjoy the medical services of the Dastha-ye Mehraban Safir-e Teb Specialized Clinic which includes women dentistry, dermatology, and general specialties.

In the student group, the students have encountered financial problems in their education are admitted and according to the required documents, a particular financial aid is determined for them every term.

In the dowry group, a complete series of dowry is given to the young couple as gift or in gratis after they are admitted and the visiting team confirms that they need the Foundation protection.

Families receive the dowry items in the Foundation and it is severely obliged to observe their humane grace and munificence.

Since last year, the Foundation has been protecting two needy schools in Chichakloo and Kork areas. It meets the needs of these schools, their students, and protects the poor families of these areas.

The other services of the Foundation include offering consultation by psychologists, guiding the unemployed clients to the job vacancies, and some cultural services.

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